Dengue Virus (DENV) Antibody (Ab) Database (DB) is an online publicly accessible repository for monoclonal dengue antibodies. Each antibody is annotated with respect to source, activity, and epitope information, along with relevant references. DENV-Ab DB contains 410 unique mAbs, 595 activity records, and 545 epitope mapping records.

Reference: Chaudhury, S., G. D. Gromowski, D. R. Ripoll, I. V. Khavrutskii, V. Desai, and A. Wallqvist. Dengue virus antibody database: systematically linking serotype-specificity with epitope mapping in dengue virus. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2017 February 21; 11(2):e0005395. [PDF]

mAb List

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mAb nameHost
Epitope Method
1.6DHumanPrimaryComplexComputational, Mutagenesis
10A1D-2MurinePrimaryComplexWestern blot
10A4D-2MurinePrimaryComplexWestern blot
10F2MurinePrimaryType-specific DENV-2Computational, Passaging
13D4-1MurinePrimaryComplexComputational, Mutagenesis

Composite Epitope Map

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Database last updated on 5 December, 2016.