Human          IgG
Primary            23077306
Natural DENV-1/3 infection
Whole virus DENV-1/3, recombinant DENV protein, human
E protein epitope map
E protein epitope map description
This epitope map visualizes all epitope residues associated with the mAb on to the structure of the DENV E protein. Epitope residues are depicted as spheres, colored according to domain, and with a size corresponding to the epitope resolution, for domain, peptide, and residue-level epitopes.
Whole virus epitope map
Whole virus epitope map description
This whole-virus depiction of the dengue virus envelope maps experimentally identified epitope residues and corresponding predicted quaternary epitopes colored in accordance with three different icosahedral symmetry environments on to the viral surface.


SpecificityNeutralizingAssay TypeActivity TypeUnitsDENV-1DENV-2DENV-3DENV-4PubMed
ComplexyesNeutralizationPRNT50, BHK21ug/mL2.


MethodEpitope TypeOrganismStrainProteinDomainSequencePubMed
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